What Does an Online Shop Need When Establishing Itself in a New Market?

Entering an online shop abroad is naturally accompanied by many new tasks and long-term challenges. In the past chapters of our expansion guide, we have described situations that online shops commonly encounter when expanding. We have thus addressed the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs and their possible solutions in terms of streamlining input costs and demands of time.  

Expansion Guide VII: Legal, Accounting and Commercial Agenda

Success in foreign e-commerce markets is not just about building a positive customer experience. Knowledge of European legislation, local payment methods or local regulations is also essential. Laws are subject to every business and are one of the fundamental pillars of expansion. How to set up your processes in accordance with the guidelines? How to maximize profit? And what trends dominate payment methods?

Expansion Guide VI: Logistics, Reverse Logistics and Inventory Management

A broad topic with a significant impact on sales and customer satisfaction. The Achilles heel of many e-commerce stores, but also a major opportunity to set up services that literally produce conversions. Let's have a look together at the first steps before expansion, the analysis, the export and reverse logistics alternatives and the options for optimally setting them up. What are the things we recommend thinking about, what should we invest maximum effort into and why? 

Expansion Guide V: Customer Support and International Team Building

Building customer trust and maintaining it is a challenge for any brand. Despite having a multitude of tools in your hands, direct interaction with customer service is still key. The simplicity, speed and professionalism with which we deal with your enquiries is the factor that determines whether a purchase will be made with you and whether the buyer will return to you again. We have to look all the more at the issue and the possible solutions if the sale is made abroad, where the decision-making processes for the purchase are subject to details relating mainly to communication, but no less to delivery, return of goods, or localization. Such customer service is your hands, eyes, and face. When to bet on human power and when to use the possibilities of artificial intelligence? What to watch out for, what are the possibilities and where is the online age taking us?

Expansion Guide IV.: Business localization abroad and translations

Always listen to the experts, they'll tell you what can't be done and why – and then do it – the forefather of science fiction, Robert Heinlein, slightly exaggerated. The true problem is that some "expert" advice or "exclusive, guaranteed tips" that is out of the blue – "even if we just made it up, you have to trust us that it works" – just don't work. Let's look at it another way. The method that follows verified practices, approaches proven by practice, working according to the laws, from real experts who know what they are doing and what they are talking about and stand behind it.

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