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  • Success in localisationSlovenians prefer Slovenian online shops, and every detail matters – including the choice of reliable carriers and preferred payment methods.
  • More advantageous pricingSlovenia is the most developed Balkan market and uses the single European currency. This brings lower entry and operating costs and as well as room for higher prices.
  • Slovenian customersThey are quite articulate, impulsive and detail-oriented in their expression. They check their a shop's credibility before making a purchase, and like to pay in instalments.

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Interesting facts about the Slovenian market

Despite its small market size, Slovenia is one of the most developed countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, thanks to the common European currency, it is not necessary to open a local bank account or to take changes to rates into account. 

Due to the developed tourism industry, most Slovenians already speak English at a communicative level and are happy to pay extra for quality services. Nevertheless, they prefer fully localised online shops.

The postal services of the state-owned "Pošta Slovenije" are most often used to deliver packages. Slovenians are quite perceptive and rarely miss a grammatical error in an advertisement or on a website. This is something they are like to point out. When it comes to customer support, you have to reckon with their talkativeness and often their temper as well. It is also common to verify trustworthiness by telephone.

Slovenians use to make payments in instalments cven for cheaper products. They are also conscientious in their choice of goods. This is evidenced by their adherence to size charts, which minimises the proportion of returns in reverse logistics.


Expansion into Slovenia

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