into the Czech Republic

  • Proximity to the marketLogistically good accessibility to the country and minimal cultural differences without language barriers.
  • Exceptionalism Online shops providing unique products or services and advanced technologies have a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Customer behaviorCzechs like to use price comparisons and appreciate first-class customer support or easy returns.

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Interesting facts about the Czech market

The Czech Republic is generally known to have the highest number of online shops per capita. This significantly increases the pressure on the quality of service in Czech e-commerce. Moreover, the high penetration of online space forces local online shop owners to look for the most efficient solutions for their operations.

Another important factor is the personalization of services, which particularly helps smaller online shops to differentiate themselves from the biggest players, such as popular Czech and international marketplaces. They often sell goods with low margins to achieve the largest possible market share. By building long-term relationships with Czech customers through modern services such as customer support, reverse logistics or online marketing, you can scale your business even in the face of rapidly growing competition.

  • 11 mil.Residents
  • 12 %Share of Online Sales
  • 5 mld. €Turnover
  • 46 600Number of Online Shops
  • 15 %E-commerce Growth
  • 21 %VAT

Expansion into the Czech Republic

We are preparing a practical overview of the Czech market. After its processing, we will send the e-book directly to the e-mail inbox for free. 

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