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  • Slow competitionThe lower level of service provided by local online shops is causing a growing interest in international brands.
  • Customer behaviorCroatians appreciate loyalty discounts, convenient shipping, detailed product descriptions and prefer cash on delivery or buying based on user reviews.
  • Complete localization In addition to quality Croatian translation and prices quoted in the Croatian kuna, choosing reliable carriers, popular payment methods, or joining local price comparison sites is also crucial.

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Interesting facts about the Croatian market

As in other Balkan countries, Croatians prefer cash on delivery. Online shops are therefore also advised to indicate the exact delivery time when delivering parcels, as they tend not to take delivery of their orders if deadlines are not met. Because of expensive local courier services, they prefer a higher value purchase if the online shop offers free shipping and any returns.

Croatians care about credibility, which they like to verify through customer support, online shop certifications, the extent and accuracy of product information, but also the simplicity of the ordering system. For this reason, almost half of online orders go to verified international online shops with higher quality services. In the case of a bad customer experience, they don’t hesitate to write negative reviews. Conversely, positive customer reactions help them in their purchasing decisions, as do price comparisons. They don’t even hesitate to cancel their order if they find a better deal

  • 4 mil.Residents
  • 8 %Share of Online Sales
  • 550 mil. €Turnover
  • 3 000Number of Online Shops
  • 30 %E-commerce Growth
  • 25 %VAT

Expansion to Croatia

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