Without a local bank account, expansion is pointless. How to open one? And when to set up a Ltd.?

Setting up a local bank account is not mandatory when expanding an online store and so the benefits of a local account are overlooked. How to deal with VAT registration in a given country and when is it worthwhile setting up a new Ltd. abroad? It is often the little trifles that determine the success or failure of an online shop in a given country. Think about them. Mastering these trifles will catapult you into the saddle and make scaling easier.

The Cost of Expansion: One-off Costs Before Going Abroad I.

After reading the article, you will have a basic overview of the expenses that await you when analyzing the market and choosing an online web platform. You will gain the necessary know-how and insight to help you decide how to tackle each item: whether to do it yourself, with a specialist agency, or whether there is a happy medium. 

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