Make the Most of the Power of Translation – Quickly, Easily and Efficiently

Translations, translations, everyday translations. If you operate in more than one market, you will know this. Translation management is a somewhat time-consuming process that is an integral part of an online shop’s expansion. Sometimes you need to translate a few statuses on social networks, sometimes you need to translate an entire online shop into another language. We have created our own internal system for our clients, which optimizes and simplifies the work on assigned projects. How does it work and what benefits does it offer?

How much does expansion cost VI.: Marketing and PR

How to get the most acquisitions out of marketing activities and what to bear in mind when building a name on a new market? Read the last - sixth, part of our series on expansion costs. In this article, you will learn which marketing tools are important, especially in the beginning of the expansion, why you can't leave out PR companies and what you can gain by working with an agency.

How much does expansion cost: Accounting governance, the legal framework for business and logistics V.

In the previous part of our series on expansion costs, we focused on the costs associated with customer support, when you should build your own team and, on the contrary, when to use the services of an agency. In this part, fifth one already, you will find out what to keep in mind when managing accounting, how to guard the business rights of a given state and how important role does the reverse logistics play in the expansion of e-shop.

How much does expansion cost: What and how much will you pay for once you're in the market? IV.

If you have successfully penetrated a new market, congratulations. And now a helping hand! Only now comes the daily repetitive grunt work that will propel you to success abroad. What activities to focus on? How much will it cost you? How do you decide which option is right for you? This time we focused on the costs related to customer support, how to improve it with a minimum of costs, when to outsource it and when, on the contrary, to build your own team.

Without a local bank account, expansion is pointless. How to open one? And when to set up a Ltd.?

Setting up a local bank account is not mandatory when expanding an online store and so the benefits of a local account are overlooked. How to deal with VAT registration in a given country and when is it worthwhile setting up a new Ltd. abroad? It is often the little trifles that determine the success or failure of an online shop in a given country. Think about them. Mastering these trifles will catapult you into the saddle and make scaling easier.

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