What Does an Online Shop Need When Establishing Itself in a New Market?

Entering an online shop abroad is naturally accompanied by many new tasks and long-term challenges. In the past chapters of our expansion guide, we have described situations that online shops commonly encounter when expanding. We have thus addressed the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs and their possible solutions in terms of streamlining input costs and demands of time.  

Expansion Guide VII: Legal, Accounting and Commercial Agenda

Success in foreign e-commerce markets is not just about building a positive customer experience. Knowledge of European legislation, local payment methods or local regulations is also essential. Laws are subject to every business and are one of the fundamental pillars of expansion. How to set up your processes in accordance with the guidelines? How to maximize profit? And what trends dominate payment methods?

Dobrodošli! The Croatian Market as a Popular Destination for Entrepreneurs

E-commerce revenues reaching hundreds of millions of dollars, 2 million residents regularly shopping online, and a lower level of local e-commerce. Island delivery, European currency, building a positive customer experience... We have summarized this and much more in our e-book coverage on Croatia. A country where it pays to expand.

Expansion Guide VI: Logistics, Reverse Logistics and Inventory Management

A broad topic with a significant impact on sales and customer satisfaction. The Achilles heel of many e-commerce stores, but also a major opportunity to set up services that literally produce conversions. Let's have a look together at the first steps before expansion, the analysis, the export and reverse logistics alternatives and the options for optimally setting them up. What are the things we recommend thinking about, what should we invest maximum effort into and why? 

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