TOP 10: The best price comparisons in Poland

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More and more Polish buy online and if they want to check the price of the product in one place, the price comparators in Poland are an ideal option to do so. We have prepared an article about the Top 10 Polish Price Comparators.



The most popular price comparator in Poland

Web address:

Number of e-shops working with the portal: more than 17,000

Number of products presented: 1.2 mil.

Number of offers compared: 3.5 million

The mobile version is available at




Price comparator prepared via the portal pl

Web address:

Number of eshops: 4244

Radar presents over 7,000,000 offers

The mobile version is available at:




Web address:

The portal serves over 2100 e-shops

The number of products compared is 3 769 228

The mobile version is available at:




Web address:

Extensive options for specifying search parameters

It has a large database of products

Number of e-shops working from the portal: about 1500

Number of bids compared: 3 million

Number of goods compared: about 900 thousand

The mobile version is available at:


Web address:

The owner of Cokupić.pl is QXL Poland sp. from o.o., Groupa Allegro, a well-known player on the Polish e-commerce market

Through collaboration with the Grupy Allegro portal, Poles can conveniently and quickly compare product prices on Ceneo, possibly verify on Allegro, whether there are auctions for their selected products


Web address:

Launched at the end of 2003

It offers about 1900 e-shops




Web address:

A less favorite comparator in Poland, although it owns the largest database

It is possible to view e-shop offers from other countries

The database includes 71,775 e-shops

Number of offers: 162 686 420


Web address:

A favorite comparator with a relatively large database

Number of eshops: 1690

Number of offers: 5 180 000


Web address:

The latest comparator on the market prepared via Wirtualna Polska

The database includes 1200 e-shops

Number of offers: almost 3 mil.

The mobile version is available at




Web address:

Products: 2 178 510 products

Number of eshops: 844


View of Expandeco


Polish ecommerce moves up really quickly. More and more popular places for online buyers in Poland are the price comparators in, so if you plan to expand to this market, comparators are an ideal way to boost your sales and brand awareness.

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