into the United Kingdom

  • An attractive marketThe fourth largest e-commerce market in the world and the largest in Europe presents a challenge for every international e-commerce shop.
  • Customer loyaltyThe British like to be charmed by good advertising. They also like to try new things and pay a little more for first-class service.
  • Complete localisation In addition to quality English translations and pricing in British pounds, a well-chosen strategy with strong market players such as Amazon is crucial.

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Interesting facts about the UK market

Expanding into Europe’s largest e-commerce market requires a lot of experience, an even bigger budget and even more planning. Competitively, this island market do not have it easy alongside strong international brands. It is necessary to prepare for higher entry and operating costs, significantly more expensive PPC campaigns and competitively strong international players such as Amazon. Moreover, European businesses have been further alienated from British customers by Brexit.

Any success in the British Isles is primarily determined by a well-chosen strategy. Up to two-thirds of English-speaking shoppers tend to buy from foreign online shops because of better prices. For example, the Britiss like to try new things on the market and they appreciate loyalty programmes and positive reviews, which significantly increase their loyalty. Services that simplify the shopping process, such as free delivery or easy returns, are taken as given by a large numebr of British customers.


Expansion to the United Kingdom

We are preparing a practical overview of the UK market. Once it has been published, we will send the e-book directly to you by email for free.

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