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  • Decisive priceThey prefer free shipping over faster delivery and take note of special offers, discounts or convenient return options.
  • Technology enthusiastsThe majority of online purchases are made via mobile devices and there is a growing interest in modern payment methods.
  • Human approachPoles like to chat, block online ads, follow local influencers, read positive reviews and original content.

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Interesting facts about the Polish market

Poland is known as a country of low prices. For three quarters of Polish customers, a good price, discounts or free return options are among the most important criteria for their purchases. They also prefer free shipping over faster delivery, as evidenced by purchases on foreign online shops, mainly because of the better prices. 

Apart from the prices, Poles can also be convinced by positive reviews and honest communication, where they are otherwise used to being teased. They adapt more easily to technological innovations, which is ideal for the rapid growth of e-commerce. Our northern neighbors, for example, were one of the first European countries to adopt contactless payment technology. Since most orders are already made via smartphones, it is essential to have a responsive website for mobile devices.

Expansion into the Polish market requires particularly thorough preparation and, above all, a complete localization of the business, for which our Polish specialists are ready to pass on their practical experience.

  • 38 mil.Residents
  • 10 %Share of Online Sales
  • 12 mld. €Turnover
  • 42 100Number of Online Shops
  • 25 %E-commerce Growth
  • 23 %VAT

Expansion to Poland

 We are preparing a practical overview of the Polish market. After its processing, we will send the e-book directly to the e-mail inbox for free. 

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