How much does expansion cost: What and how much will you pay for once you're in the market? IV.

If you have successfully penetrated a new market, congratulations. And now a helping hand! Only now comes the daily repetitive grunt work that will propel you to success abroad. What activities to focus on? How much will it cost you? How do you decide which option is right for you? This time we focused on the costs related to customer support, how to improve it with a minimum of costs, when to outsource it and when, on the contrary, to build your own team.

Transactional E-mails Are Essential for Ecommerce Bussinesses

What are transactional e-mails? First and foremost, an opportunity. They are opened by twice as many recipients as other commercial e-mails. Their CTR is three times higher. If your aim is to present your company in a certain way, build relationships with customers and personalize your communication process, transactional e-mails are the way to do it.

What is e-commerce localization and how to handle it correctly?

The world is becoming more and more connected year after year with more accessible and cheaper Internet connection, the popularity of online shopping is growing especially because of its convenience, unlimited opening hours and home delivery. However, the competition of online shops in the countries is growing significantly.

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