Optimization of Cross-border Communication with Numbyx: Your reliable solution for local EU phone numbers

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In the era of global connectivity, expanding businesses across borders is becoming a common practice. However, obtaining local telephone numbers for companies registered in the European Union is often accompanied by administrative obstacles. That is why Numbyx is coming, which simplifies the whole process of obtaining local numbers specially adapted for companies registered in the EU.

Simplifying the process

Numbyx changes the communication system in any European country. It eliminates the need to operate local addresses and to have a company with the so-called "VAT number" of that country. The service focuses only on the necessary information about your company in your home country, which makes the whole process more efficient without unnecessary administration.

Traditional solutions require complicated documentation. However, with Numbyx, an extract from the domestic Commercial Register is enough. Your online shop can obtain a local phone number with the EU country code within one day, making this efficient process easily available.

Ideal for the development of an online shop

Numbyx has gained popularity among online retailers expanding across Europe. In the dynamic and fast-growing e-commerce and cross-border trade sector, this means a simple solution when localizing a business. Numbyx is becoming an invaluable tool for small, medium and large multinational companies. It’s for all those seeking a flexible way to be available to their local customers or business partners. Local helplines or sales representatives are becoming more accessible day by day thanks to telephone numbers with the area code of European countries.

"We got Hungarian, Romanian, Austrian and Czech phone numbers in one place and in one day."
– Pavol Šárközi, Logistic & Warehouse Manager at Northfinder

Easy to install for immediate results

Numbyx facilitates the process of obtaining local numbers. Just choose your phone number preference by country.

If you use the tool as a virtual switchboard or helpdesk for customer support, just choose the appropriate connection method. In the event that you only need to redirect the phone number to your mobile or office line, you will choose the option of redirecting to mobile. Subsequently, in the shopping cart you will find a summary of all phone numbers and countries selected by you, along with initial and regular monthly fees. Then all you have to do is fill in the attached form with your company data according to the current extract from the Commercial Register, including IBAN, i.e. the company's bank account number. Our sales department will help you immediately by setting up and activating the number. You can start using your new local phone number within one day.

The local telephone numbers of Western European countries (Austrian, German, French, Italian or British) are available within one day. Numbyx also covers local numbers from the Northern Balkans and Central and Eastern European countries (Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak and Polish). Numbyx is constantly expanding its offer of local phone numbers and gradually adding more European countries to its offer. If you are interested in a specific prefix, you can write directly to sales@numbyx.com.

Your partner in simplifying cross-border communication

Numbyx offers a solution for obtaining local phone numbers in the EU without unnecessary administrative burden. Thanks to Numbyx, you can already connect with your customers in the diverse environment of European markets easily and without restrictions.

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