Translations and Localization

from/to German

  • Reliable expertsOur translations are provided by selected and certified native speakers with many years of translation experience and expertise.
  • We understand the needs of the online worldThanks to CAT tools, automation and machine learning, we keep up with the dynamic world of e-commerce and the constant evolution of European languages.
  • Genuine localizationTranslating is just the beginning. We perceive each project according to the segment of operations and adapt to the environment according to the local customs of the country.
Translations and Localization

Translation Services

Short text up to 250 characters

Social media posts, web pop-up banners, CTA elements, labels or product descriptions, etc.

Creation of new content

Copywriting straight in the target language by a native speaker and an experienced copywriter in one, taking into account local SEO.

Marketing translations

Promo materials, catalogues, local campaigns, advertising spots, newsletters, blog articles, etc.

SEO translations and text optimization

Search engine optimized translations, keyword insertion based on SEO analysis into existing content.

Professional translations

Manuals, product data sheets and texts with professional terminology.

Language proofreading

Audit of translations, linguistic and stylistic proofreading of translated texts by native speakers.

Localization of online shop

Complete localization of the user interface, including the entire customer journey, products, automated email communication.

Localization consultancy

Consulting on specific technical needs in the foreign market according to the business sector and local consumer behavior.

Tailored assignments

Didn't find what you were looking for here? We also help online shops with the specific language challenges of localizing their business.

How to localize successfully

Website translation and localization are the cornerstones of successful expansion and are among our most used services. We deal with everything from short translations – such as online statuses, product descriptions and product labels, through to SEO translations and extensive online shop localization with specialised terminology, including the correct choice of local carrier and payment method. The path to a quality translation that is on a par with local online shops is as follow:

The first individual consultation includes data export, scoping, complexity, cost and deadlines as well as defining the preferences and keywords and determining the appropriate terminology and brand communication.

There is an analysis of the assignment based on expert recommendations and online shop preferences. There is a determination of the scope of the final localization modifications according to the individual needs of the online shop.

There is a selection of a suitable translator and the preparation of a quote with a specific delivery date.

The translations are then completed, and they undergo an internal quality control procedure before they are handed over.

Then the translations are delivered, and there is room for feedback after they go live.

What are the advantages of our translations?


We can translate into all European languages, but we are quite capable of translating into languages from any continent in the world.

Minimising errors

When translating with proofreading after the experienced translator has done the work, the translation is revised by a native speaker, so you can be sure that any text will look natural.

An individual approach

Do you need to translate original creative content, specialised articles, or legal orofficial documents? We always select the most suitable certified translators.

High expertise

We guarantee the quality of the translation. We work with professional translators who have a natural ability within the target language.

Time vs quality

We match the speed of the online world with the earliest possible delivery dates without compromising the quality of our translations.

Advanced technology

The high level and speed of translation delivery is helped by proven translation systems that save time and money.

When speed decides

Do you need to communicate quickly in multiple languages for a weekend event? We also deal with short and specific texts such as one-off social media statuses, and we can deliver in just a few hours.

Translation management

With our transparent system, you have everything under control, including keeping track of translations, costs and deadlines. You won’t become lost in a flood of cluttered emails.

SEO expertise

When translating, we take into account the importance of keywords in search engine optimisation.

Interesting facts about the German market

One of the largest and most developed e-commerce markets in the world, which directly corresponds to the high demanding nature of German customers. However, if you earn their trust, they will reward you with positive referrals and loyalty with higher purchase values than you are used to from other markets.

Germans expect first-class service throughout the entire purchasing process. From detailed product descriptions, to positive reviews, reliable customer support, trusted local partners, fast delivery, and ease of returns. Moreover, especially for Germans, the so-called “impressum” is decisive. They care about data privacy and are looking for proven and stable vendors they can rely on.

When expanding into this market of more than 80 million, it is also important to think about expensive PPC advertising, Amazon as the majority source for online purchases, and a thoroughly addressed privacy policy. However, with professional and comprehensive localization, you can effectively build a reputation as a “German online shop” and thus reach not only German-speaking customers but also those from neighboring Austria or Switzerland.

Translations and Localization

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