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How to choose the right domain name? We've consulted this with experts from Webglobe - Yegon

Tuesday, 07 August | 2018 |

Many customers ask us about the domain name for their online shop. Whether it's a brand new name or for a new market. Some people initially think of a multilingual or English name. We have discussed this matter with Webglobe-Yegon - hosting and domain experts.

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Polish online consumer

Tuesday, 31 July | 2018 |

Along with the growing popularity of online shopping in Poland, the profile of shoppers on the Internet is changing as well. Online consumers are almost 54% of Internet users, which gives great business opportunities for foreign business owners.

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Exclusive distribution of goods in the EU

Wednesday, 25 July | 2018 |

In the new article, we will bring you closer to our experiences from a few cases we have encountered during our practice when selling goods to consumers.

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Getting Started with "Polish eBay" Allegro - Part 2.

Tuesday, 17 July | 2018 |

In the first part of our series we explained what the Allegro auction site is, what are its advantages and why you should not ignore it. Today we will talk about its advertising fees and the tools that online shops can use to sell goods.

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