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What VAT rates do EU Member States have in 2019?

Thursday, 21 February | 2019 |

VAT is applied throughout the European Union, but each country determines its value separately, so VAT rates vary across EU countries.

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What will be the effect of a possible Brexit on ecommerce?

Tuesday, 12 February | 2019 |

On March 29 2017, the government launched a rule known as "Article 50", which launched the UK's withdrawal from the EU, which passed through its parliament and enacted that it would be exactly two years when they will be out of the EU.

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Marketing tools for keyword search volumes and suggestions

Wednesday, 06 February | 2019 |

Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of every SEO, PPC and content marketing campaign.

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What was the year 2018 in Romanian ecommerce like?

Thursday, 31 January | 2019 |

In 2018, Romanian customers made more than € 3.5 billion in online purchases, up 30% year-on-year!

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