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Best Christmas tips for your e-shop

Sunday, 17 December | 2017 |

Christmas is coming but it's still time for small changes for your e-shop that can help boost turnover during Christmas holidays. Changes in the claim order, delivery time, and customer support are genuinely worth it during this period. That's why there are a few useful tips to make sure your site is getting the best out of the holiday season.

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Have you decided to expand to Poland? One of the things you'll need is to set up a bank account in Poland. Let's together look how to do it.

Tuesday, 11 July | 2017 |

The Polish market is very close to Slovaks, and we are also very close to the minds of Polish customers. In terms of expansion, Poland is a clear and direct direction for us.

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3 fundamental differences between multichannel and omnichannel strategy

Tuesday, 04 July | 2017 |

With the onslaught of new technologies and new marketing strategies, there is a new wave of terminology which every e-shopper has to get acquainted with. In the following article, we compare two popular e-commerce marketing strategies that you can use for your customer support and also for the entire e-shop.

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The work of customer service center operator strains the vocal cords

Tuesday, 27 June | 2017 |

With us at Expandeco our nice and clever customer service operator deal with a few dozen phone calls a day. It definitely strains not only the brain but also the vocal cords. A similar situation might be found in your e-shop. Here are some tips on how to get rid of this unpleasant illness.

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