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What is e-commerce localization and how to handle it correctly?

Thursday, 04 April | 2019 |

The world is becoming more and more connected year after year with more accessible and cheaper Internet connection, the popularity of online shopping is growing especially because of its convenience, unlimited opening hours and home delivery. However, the competition of online shops in the countries is growing significantly.

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Hungarian e-commerce market grew by nearly a sixth in 2018

Friday, 29 March | 2019 |

The Hungarian ecommerce market is still growing, and it was not different in 2018, which is confirmed by the fact that Hungary is a country where it is worth to expand as soon as possible!

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Ecommerce in Germany, Part 2

Wednesday, 20 March | 2019 |

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Ecommerce in Germany, Part 1

Thursday, 14 March | 2019 |

As an economic power shouse in Europe, Germany is an influential country with a successful online retail market. It boasts with the world's sixth largest e-commerce market, the third in Europe behind the UK and France.

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