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Company Culture: Your Job Shouldn't Be a Necessary Evil

Thursday, 12 September | 2019 |

It may not come as a surprise that excellence is always fueled by enthusiasm and joy of work. Seeing your job as a dreaded duty where you have to unwillingly spend time in a cubicle, unable to express yourself is far from it.

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Transactional E-mails Are Essential for Ecommerce Bussinesses

Wednesday, 24 July | 2019 |

What are transactional e-mails? First and foremost, an opportunity. They are opened by twice as many recipients as other commercial e-mails. Their CTR is three times higher. If your aim is to present your company in a certain way, build relationships with customers and personalize your communication process, transactional e-mails are the way to do it.

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Effective Customer Support Is a Matter of Human Resources

Thursday, 04 July | 2019 |

Every piece of customer communication is an opportunity to build trust and show your company's personality. Efficient problem solution and the ability to answer questions is key to creating a brand.

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The Hungarian E-commerce

Thursday, 20 June | 2019 |

It's safe to say we shouldn't underestimate the Hungarian e-commerce market. It has grown 2.5 times its size in the last 4 years alone.

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