The Cost of Expansion: One-off Costs Before Going Abroad

After reading the article, you will have a basic overview of the expenses that await you when analyzing the market and choosing an online web platform. You will gain the necessary know-how and insight to help you decide how to tackle each item: whether to do it yourself, with a specialist agency, or whether there is a happy medium. 

Logistics & delivery in DACH region

It is not surprising for anyone that the rapid growth of e-commerce affects logistics. This is a fertile ground for online business and both sectors have an impact on each other. Simply said, efficient logistics and infrastructure are key factors regarding the success of online sales and delivery of purchased goods in each country, meaning they need to be constantly innovated. This is the only way to meet the changing needs of e-commerce business and its customers. And it seems that the countries of the DACH region have understood this excellently.

Company Culture: Your Job Shouldn't Be a Necessary Evil

  • 9/12/2019
  • Expandeco

It may not come as a surprise that excellence is always fueled by enthusiasm and joy of work. Seeing your job as a dreaded duty where you have to unwillingly spend time in a cubicle, unable to express yourself is far from it.

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