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How to successfully handle Black Friday in Hungary

Thursday, 11 October | 2018 |

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping event for buyers and sellers. Take advantage of this period to maximize your revenue in Hungary.

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The obligation to register to pay VAT in another Member State

Tuesday, 15 May | 2018 |

Exporting online stores often ask us if they are required to establish a local companies in certain states if expanding the online store to the foreign, what is actually the obligation to register to pay VAT in the foreign and so on. Therefore we decided to write an article that clarifies this topic. Let’s do it in order.

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Polish e-commerce market has value of 10 billion euros

Thursday, 03 May | 2018 |

Now, the value of sales on the Polish Internet is already estimated at the above mentioned amount. But this market will keep growing and given trend could be stopped only by the natural disaster. The Polish people simple fell in love with online shopping - that's a fact. They mostly order clothes, accessories, books, CDs and also movies – this results from the latest survey of the portal Interaktywnie.com

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Is Slovak version of the e-shop sufficient to expand to the Czech Republic? (Part no.2)

Monday, 23 April | 2018 |

In the first part of the article you had an opportunity to make sure that the Slovak web version is not really enough to succeed in the Czech market. We were analyzing the expansion from the view of competition, branding, communication and website optimization. In this part you will learn the recommendations on another marketing channels and tools. We will also advise you on payments and shipping within the Czech Republic to make easier your release on a new market.

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