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Translations, translations, everyday translations. If you operate in more than one market, you will know this. Translation management is a somewhat time-consuming process that is an integral part of an online shop’s expansion. Sometimes you need to translate a few statuses on social networks, sometimes you need to translate an entire online shop into another language. We have created our own internal system for our clients, which optimizes and simplifies the work on assigned projects. How does it work and what benefits does it offer?

The online business environment is constantly changing. It is necessary to keep up with the times and adapt quickly to the coming changes. Sometimes a client needs to translate an entire online shop and 5,000 products along with it. Other times there are shorter texts such as social media posts, blog articles, announcements or various manuals. The translation system is suitable for small as well as large assignments or demanding professional texts. Also for long-term cooperation as well as for one-off translations. Each client receives login details to the system, where they can enter translations according to their own needs. The system is currently available in 4 languages (Slovak, Czech, Polish, English), which makes it possible for use, for example, in the foreign branches of one company. You will receive a perfect overview of all assignments not only at home but also from the market abroad. 

"We do not charge any extra fees for translations. For most translators or agencies, it is standard practice to charge a minimum rate per 1 standard page. With us, you only ever pay for actual costs."

Andrea Tesáková Head of Localization

One of the main advantages of the system is that a company may have multiple assigners (multiple employees of the company) under its account, each entering the translation under their own name on behalf of the company. So the company has a thorough overview of all projects currently in progress, when they will be translated, which ones have not been commissioned for translation and, in addition, it can see the amount of ongoing costs. All data is automatically stored in the system and evaluated via detailed statistics in real time.

Fig. Translation statisticsFig. Translation statistics

Another great advantage of the system is that the client pays only for the scope they enter for translation. There is no "minimum fee" of one standard page. 

In addition to classic formats (docx, xml, csv, etc.), we also translate source codes that do not lose their functionality by changing the language. The translated source code does not require any additional work by a programmer. Just copy the code and paste it into the right place in the system. In other words, we preserve the format in which the texts were entered so that you can work efficiently and without any complications. Quick translations are among frequently used functions of the system. This type of translation is used for urgent short translations, such as social media posts, short announcements, events, etc.

What is the difference between standard and quick translation?

A standard translation is a text of more than 250 characters, with a file attachment or a link to external content. Once the translation is saved in the system, we automatically receive a notification and assign the translation to the most appropriate translator. 

A quick translation is up to 250 characters. Such translations often include, for example, product labels, product descriptions, etc. We deliver the text within a maximum of 8 hours from the creation of the assignment, often much sooner, depending on the expertise level of the text.

Fig.: Standard vs. Quick TranslationFig.: Standard vs. Quick Translation

Among the appreciated features of the system is communication in the form of comments. Under each translation you can communicate directly with the assigned translators in the system and ask additional questions about the translations. All translations and commentaries are securely stored in one place, where they can be consulted at any time or referred back to for further information.

Fig.: Clear communication for each translation

Fig.: Clear communication for each translation

What is going on behind the translations?

Cooperation with the client begins with an initial consultation, the exchange of necessary data and definition of keywords or the determination of appropriate terminology and brand communication. Each translation is individually assessed and assigned to a translator with the most appropriate certified qualifications and experience in the specific field. And our work is far from over here. 

After an experienced translator, a native speaker always checks the translation to add further value to the text. Thanks to this step, the texts look natural and no unwanted language barriers arise in communication with the customer. Professional texts and articles undergo the same process. For example, in the case of medical translations, the text is sent directly to a person from a medical background for final correction and checking. 

Thanks to our extensive database of verified translators and external partners, we provide translation into any European language, but neither are we surprised by a non-standard request for translation into a language from another part of the world. Our task is always to find quality solutions and support the successful business of our clients at home and abroad.

Do you have specific questions about how our in-house translation system will work for your business? Contact us via this simple form and we will be happy to help you.

Andrea Tesáková Head of Localization
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