Collection Point for Returning Goods

in Belgium

  • Cost reductionPackages received are consolidated and sent by a more cost-effective logistics service directly to the country of destination.
  • Speeding up the returns processThe returned package is recorded in real time in a clear CRM system. This gives the online shop the opportunity to resolve the case much sooner.
  • Rapid development of logistics and distribution centersBelgium has a well-developed logistics infrastructure with a skilled workforce for the fast and and high-quality delivery of goods.
Collection Point for Returning Goods

From the local Belgian address to the logistics of returns

The whole process of launching reverse logistics in Belgium looks like the following:

Expandeco rents a local address in Belgium, which the online shop indicates on the website, in the terms and conditions or in the complaint form.

In case of a problem or dissatisfaction, the customer can send the goods via any courier company or via Belgian post within the country.

The package is recorded in the internal CRM system. The information is then immediately uploaded to the client interface, where the online shop has full control over returns and the ability to communicate directly with the collection point and manage the collection of shipments according to current needs.

We temporarily store the received packages and send them as a consolidated shipment directly to the online shop’s central warehouse according to an agreed frequency.

The benefits of reverse logistics


A functional infrastructure ensures that you always have an up-to-date overview of the movement of returned goods, enabling you to quickly make the right decisions.

Levelling up to the competition

With our local addresses for receiving returns and complaints, you can gain the long-term trust of international customers at the level of local players.


Reverse logistics is often a big weakness when expanding online shops. With our infrastructure, you get exceptional quality service anywhere in Europe.

Customer satisfaction

By quickly informing international customers about returns, we also reduce the workload placen on your customer support team.

Speeding up the complaints process

Effective reverse logistics is about the speed of exchanging goods or providing refund. Don’t keep your customers waiting.

Increase conversion

By having a local address, you can increase the credibility of your international business and the number of successfully completed purchases will increase.

Reverse logistics in Belgium

One of the key reasons for choosing Belgium is its location in the heart of Europe. The country has a well-developed transport network that includes roads, waterways, railways and airports to allow for the quick and easy transportation of both passengers and freight. Logistics and distribution centers are taking advantage of related opportunities and growing rapidly.

Belgium is also experiencing a growing trend in returns, particularly in the fashion sector. One of the challenges for sustainable business growth is the ease of returning goods. Smaller online retailers often offer free returns to compete with the bigger players. So it is particularly important to optimize costs. With an in-country collection point, you can offer your customers easy returns and fast case resolutions. Sending consolidated packages, on the other hand, will ensure financial savings. 

Local addresses

Non-binding offer

Want to increase the value and conversion of purchases during peak season abroad? You can list your new local address on the online shop within 24 hours of ordering, and you can cancel it at any time just as quickly.


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