Cross-border shopping in Croatia

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Croatia has a small problem. Domestic online retailers do not seem to be as popular as those from abroad.

Three quarters of Croatian online customers shop at foreign online stores. This is mainly because of poor quality of online marketing and not a wide range of products in online stores.


Especially experienced store owners from abroad who are established on their ecommerce markets and are looking for suitable countries to start a business in can use this fact in their favour. And therefore the expansion to Croatia is a great choice.


About three out of four Croatian online customers (76%) buy a specific range of products in foreign retail stores. As far as the number of transactions is concerned, eBay is one of the most popular online consumer stores in Croatia, which underlines the small range of products and high prices in Croatian online stores.


According to surveys, long-standing experience of lack of interest in online customers has translated into a lack of confidence in domestic retailers. Nevertheless, the share of online consumers who buy exclusively from domestic retailers is highest among older age groups.


Lack of interest in online customers also leads to poor customer service and low quality services. Take advantage of the Expandeco services and experience, which offers quality translations to Croatian and excellent customer support not only in Croatia.

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