Native translators, SEO experts
High quality and fast delivery of the project
Native translators, SEO experts
High quality and fast delivery of the project

Croatia is one of the most attractive ecommerce markets in Europe, so if you plan to do business in Croatia, you need to have flawless translations into Croatian, which will make you more credible in the eyes of the local customers.

Through professional and native translators, Expandeco can ensure that every translation into Croatian is flawless, which is ensured by double-checking the translations.

What we can provide for you:

  • Translations of webpages into Croatian
  • Keyword analysis of Croatian market
  • Translations of content into Croatian
  • SEO translations to Croatian
  • Translations of titles into Croatian
  • Meta translations to Croatian
  • Translation of product names and product descriptions into Croatian
  • Translations of advertising materials to Croatian
  • Translation of advertising articles to Croatian
  • Translations of PPC campaigns into Croatian

Why choose Expandeco:

  • Native translators, SEO experts
  • High quality and fast delivery of the project

Basic info about the language

There was a great effort to unite the South Slavic languages and create one common language in the 19th century. For this reason, there were created for Serbian and Croatian very similar languages, and therefore during most of the 20th century these languages were often considered to be one language called Serbo-Croatian.

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About 4Home
Ing. Kateřina Bílková

Our company used the services of Expandeco to enter the Hungarian market, specifically in the field of translations and logistics of returns.

They always respond quickly and flexibly to our requirements, the quality of translations is really professional. Important is that translators know the specific terminology and local customs in the given country's e-commerce, making our site really professional and, above all, local - a very important factor in the Hungarian market.

Operation of the collection services is also without any problems. This service has solved an important aspect of entering the foreign market.

For 4Home, I can express my utmost satisfaction and recommend