Dobrodošli! The Croatian Market as a Popular Destination for Entrepreneurs

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E-commerce revenues reaching hundreds of millions of dollars, 2 million residents regularly shopping online, and a lower level of local e-commerce. Island delivery, European currency, building a positive customer experience... We have summarized this and much more in our e-book coverage on Croatia. A country where it pays to expand.

The numbers are clear

The average annual online shop spending per person is around 320 euros. The value of consumer goods purchased in e-commerce over the past year is 700 billion euros. The Internet is actively used by 80% of the population and the year-on-year growth of the total value of goods in e-commerce reaches 30%. Nevertheless, Croatia is one of the countries with less competition from online shops. There is also an advantage in the introduction of the single European currency from 1 January 2023. However, you'll also find an overview of the logistics, marketing, and purchasing specifics of the nation in this clear online book.

Expansion requires knowledge of the local environment

Expansion into Croatia requires the setup of several services. As with expansion into other countries, attention needs to be paid to customer service, delivery through verified companies, hassle-free return options, and bank accounts – ideally at the local level. In the e-book, we also address practical issues such as how long it takes to deliver to the islands, which payment methods to use or the popular forms of customer communication.

"We first consult and analyze the entire expansion process in detail, tailored to the needs of the online shop. The client defines their options to us and we flexibly solve the missing pieces of the puzzle. For example, if you have arranged for a collection of returns, we can only arrange collection points. If you don't have reverse logistics service covered at all, we'll completely sort it out  for you." - Filip Minár, Country Manager Slovakia, Expandeco

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Filip Minár, Country Manager Slovakia
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