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Ecommerce in Croatia is increasingly developing as a result of the increasing use of the Internet in business.

However, online stores offer a small number of products and services, which can be a benefit to foreign stores who are settled on their market and are thinking about expanding the business.


The fact that ecommerce in Croatia is still far behind other countries in Europe is also reflected in the obstacles in this country, which are the customers. Less knowledge and experience of online shopping continues to lead to less trust in payment security and the providing of personal data to businesses on the Internet, but it is changing mainly through the adoption of e-commerce laws.


Online shopping


Interestingly, 31% of Croats made at least one order online last year, but up to 76% made an order in foreign stores. This just underlines the small range of product range in this country. The most popular product categories were, as usual, clothing and accessories, PC and smartphones, holiday tours and movie or theater tickets.


In the pictures below, you can see the percentage of Croats (Picture 1) who were buying online vs European average (Picture 2), also from a historical perspective. You can clearly see the upward trend in this exciting ecommerce market.




Online research before buying


Finding information about products or services before buying online is more popular in Croatia than in other European countries (90% of Croatian customers). The dominant source of information are still search engines like Google, used by 61% of customers. Therefore, it is really important that you have translation to croatian handled correctly, what can Expandeco help you with, which has many years of experience in translating online projects.


Expandeco's view


Croatia is truly seen as country of opportunities in an ecommerce environment, so take the opportunity to expand as soon as possible! For more information, please contact us and follow our other articles not only about the Croatian ecommerce market.

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