Further services

SEO translations
for online projects
Market research,
competition analysis
and tax advice

Do you need advice and help with something completely different? Taxes? Accounting? Analysis of individual markets? Let us know and see what can be done. We are here for you.

SEO translations
for online projects

All translations of texts, product descriptions, articles, blogs, or advertising campaigns to your online project are delivered quickly and professionally. We offer you:

  • non-binding rating
  • translations can also be translated directly into the online stores administration
  • 100% guarantee of grammatical and meaning accuracy of translations
  • quick delivery
  • translation corrections are included

and tax advice

Each country has its legal and tax specifics that it needs to be thought about during expansion. Rely on our local know-how. For your online store, Expandeco and its partners can secure:

Establishment of a company in a given country / legal advice

  • personal consultations - expert legal advice on business
  • preparation of complete documentation for the foundation of the company
  • Submitting announcements and proposals for company registration to the competent authorities
  • registration at all necessary offices

Rental of a virtual company address

  • online registration of incoming mail
  • Notification via email and CRM
  • Forwarding mail according to your requirements

Creating general terms and conditions in the country

  • GTCs are tailored to the online store
  • we provide a contractual guarantee for the correctness of the GTC of the online store
  • cooperation with local partners - guaranteed 100% satisfaction

Accounting management in that country

  • complete service in the management of an enterprise's business agenda.
  • professional accountancy, wages and human resources
  • validated coworkers, guarantee of compliance with applicable laws, regulations and deadlines

Market research,
competition analysis

Good preparation is the foundation of every successful expansion. Together with our specialized local partners, we are ready for your business to develop complex backgrounds and recommendations for the market. An online market and competition survey includes:

Detailed market and segment analysis

  • What turnover does the segment generate?
  • What is the growth potential of the segment?
  • What methods of payment / delivery do customers prefer?
  • What are the market and customer specifics?

Detailed analysis of competition

  • Who is your competition?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of competition?
  • What market share does competition have?
  • How does your competition communicate with customers and how does it deliver shipment? (Mysteryshoppping)
  • How much does your competition spends on online marketing? What marketing channels do they use?
Mgr. Igor Plavka
Expandeco is not only a service and complete customer service in the foreign. In the Expandeco we found helpfulness, they prepared for us translations, they helped us to register into a price-comparison portales and they completely provide us with the communication or delivery points in several EU countries.