Live Chat - A great marketing tool for your customer service

Sunday, 07. 05. 2017

Feedback is simply the basis of survival, not just in your ordinary life but also in your business, not to mention if you are doing business in customer service.

Live chat is a great marketing tool for getting feedback, increasing order value, and communicating more effectively with your customers. It fulfills your online customer support function in your online shop and replaces the need of the store's salesperson.

Test it first

Before you decide to permanently place live chat on your store, test it first. Testing is free and you will not lose anything, you can only benefit from it. It can happen that your live chat will be completely unnecessary and customers will not even use it. In that case, we would recommend that you to place it only on the contact page. But of course, everything depends on the type of online shop itself and the range of products and services offered.

On the other hand, live chat can be a quick and effective solution for you if the customer has a problem with creating an order. You can solve this situation in real time and especially promptly (of course, if you are online). The customer is worried less and does not need to write a lengthy email that can be noticed for up to a few hours.

Try connecting your live chat, for example, with Google Analytics. With this feature, you can test the impact of your live chat on customer behavior. The stats can surprise you.

Automatic greeting message

You know the situation when you finally decide to step into your favorite store, take three steps, you are not be even able to take a breathe for the first time, and you already have a hyperactive salesman behind you with the words: "Can I help you?"

With the wounded expression you say: "Uh ... no, thank you, I'm just looking," and then you run away from there, as far as possible.

Likewise, your automatic greeting of your live chat works the same way. The customer has not been able to look around, and you are already "poisoning" him. What's more, this is true if the auto-welcome response is also displayed with a spectacular soundtrack every time the customer clicks on another sub page.

It is enough to remind the customer of the live chat after a while spent on your store.

It affects the value of orders

The great advantage of live chat is that you offer a customer an instant and relevant response to his query. With the added features that live chat offers, you'll get valuable information about your customers. For example, how long did they spend on your shop, what product they viewed or where the customer came from?

Some live chats also offer more advanced features, e.g. Smartsupp:

 - information about the customer

 - when and how many orders the customer has created

 - what products they purchased

 - visitor's video

 - conversion tracking in Google Analytics and much more

Such information will make it easier for you to communicate with your regular customers.

Live chat lets you communicate directly with specific customers. You have a unique chance to offer customized services to the customer. The most important thing is to communicate with your customers on a regular basis and especially to answer them as quickly as possible.

If you keep the customer waiting, hesimply cancels the conversation and leaves to your competition. And you do not want that.

If you know that live chat is a great choice for you, but you do not have enough time to spend time with regular customers, hire a person whose job is to manage a live chat.

How to communicate correctly?

Live chatting is less formal. The customer expects an accurate, clear, comprehensible and particularly brief response. Do not force a customer something he did not ask for. Well, on the other hand, avoid so-called robotic responses.

Before you post each reply, read it twice. In the written form of communication, there is a great deal of communication noise and misunderstandings, which unnecessarily can lead to negative reactions.