The work of customer service center operator strains the vocal cords

Tuesday, 27. 06. 2017

With us at Expandeco our nice and clever customer service operator deal with a few dozen phone calls a day. It definitely strains not only the brain but also the vocal cords. A similar situation might be found in your e-shop. Here are some tips on how to get rid of this unpleasant illness.

For people who work with their voice, the sudden loss of voice and subsequent hoarseness is a known issue. This group also includes your (and also our) customer service operator who are happy to address every customer's requirement every day. Continuous speaking is really exhausting, so there's nothing to be surprised about if the vocal cords fail one day. Loss of vocal cords or flu can not be taken lightly, they can go down to chronic.
The vocal chords are sensitive
The vocal chords are paired organs - two bonds (muscles) that are stored in our throat. Their structure is very flexible. When exhaling, the air passes through our vocal cords, causing it to vibrate and a voice to emerge. The vocal chords are very sensitive, and some types of food (cold but also hot or spicy) and beverages (cold, sparkling) can affect them. It can also be adversely affected by a dirty or dusty environment.
Sometimes, it is only a common cold, and fervent singing or, in the case of a customer service operator, a whole-day speaking, is suddenly gone.
The first signs of vocal disease
The symptom is that there is a sudden failure of the voice. That means you get up in the morning, go to work, make some phone calls during the day, and come home in the evening with a faint and shrill voice. At this point, you should be alert. There are changes in your vocal cords. Constipation of the throat and the vocal cords, mild swelling and, in many cases, congestion.
First aid
We make it easy for our vocal cords when they have a good voice rest - do not speak, do not scream, do not sing, and in no case whisper! When whispering, our vocal chords are strained even more.

Another important step is to dissolve the mucus that the vocal cords are wrapped in. Necessary expectoration of the mucous membrane will start with herbal teas with thyme, linden, elderflower and coltsfoot. Calcium syrup, calcium injections or tablets will help you to get back a strong and healthy voice. They also help to regenerate your mucous membrane.
You will also support treatment with well-established old hags recipes. Try drinking warm Vincent with milk, gargling salty water or sage tea, horseradish (onion) in honey and warm onions.
Sore or failed vocal cords should come back no later than 3-4 days. If your voice is lost for more than a week, do not wait and see your doctor. In many cases, this disease is also complicated by a bacterial infection that must be treated with antibiotics.
The voice tutor will teach you how to use your voice properly
The cause of the hoarse voice or its total loss of our customer service center operators is in many cases  weak and poorly tested voice speech. By continuous speaking, the vocal cords get exhausted completely so to say. The vocal cords are muscular, they also need to "practice", not in the gym, but with the voice pedagogue. If you think the vocal pedagogue is intended only for the singers, you are mistaken. A voice pedagogue can help anyone whose main tool is his voice. The role of the voice pedagogue is to teach how to breathe properly, use the voice and to keep it in shape.
Dear Customer Service Operators, if you use wonderful voice every day even for few hours, you should not forget to take a regular stroboscopic examination. This will prevent unpleasant vocal problems which adversely affect not only your work but also your private life.