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Customer support is the gateway to ecommerce success in Romania. Do not neglect this part of the business and contact Expandeco, which has been specializing in quality customer support in Romania for several years.

We put emphasis on professionalism, empathy and individual approach to each of your customers so that their satisfaction turns to the long-term favor of your online store in Romania.


  • Telephone communication in Romanian
  • Email communication in Romanian
  • Live chat communication in Romanian
  • Communication on social media in Romanian


  • Reduction of expensesYou pay only for real communications with customers.
  • QualityCustomer support is provided by native Romanian speakers.
  • Communications reportA clear report of all communications in a given month.
  • QuicknessResolve customer issues as they occur.
  • Professionalism Many years of customer support services in Romanian language.
  • InnovationsWe keep bringing new services and features to satisfy you and your customers.

The competition of online stores, services and goods offered in Romania is low, what gives an ideal chance to break through this fast-growing ecommerce market. Take advantage of the ideal chance to expand today!

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Mgr. Igor Plavka
Expandeco is not only a service and complete customer service in the foreign. In the Expandeco we found helpfulness, they prepared for us translations, they helped us to register into a price-comparison portales and they completely provide us with the communication or delivery points in several EU countries.