Collection points

Using of Expandeco’s local addresses and reverse logistics is one of our most used services.

The principles are very simple:

  • You can rent a local address from Expandeco anywhere in the EU for a monthly fee.
  • You will place your local address on your website as an address for receiving complaints and refunds.
  • Upon receipt of the shipment at the collection point, we will record the package, process it according to individual requirements and store it.
  • Afterwards, according to the store’s instructions, we consolidate the packages and send them to the address according to the desired time intervals.


Reduction of expenses
Reduced cost of reverse logistics.
Increasing the trust
Increasing the local customer's trust and loyalty.
Matej Kucko
Founder & CEO
We decided to expand to the foreign through Expandeco and we are very satisfied with their approach. They made for us an introductory market and competition analysis, which helped us to decide whether to expand at all. The communication with them is very fast, the translations are of high quality and their approach is professional, proactive and friendly. We definitely recommend Expandeco to anyone who is considering expansion to the foreign without an in-house team and support in competent language.