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Julius Meszaros,
Hermannstraße 16, 77 654 Offenburg

If you are planning to expand your business to Germany, you will probably experience a lot of undelivered orders or claims, as well as in your or other markets. However, the follow-up return of such orders by one from Germany is certainly expensive.

Expandeco's reverse logistics service from Germany is therefore a great choice for you and your business, we offer you the rental of a local address in Germany for delivery of such orders or claims, where they will be stored and returned to your address at the agreed time.

Saved logistics expenses are significant, and the bonus is greater credibility for German customers, as German customers prefer mainly to buy from local online stores.

Basic info about e-commerce market

Germany is the biggest EU economy year after year, its population, high technical maturity and the possibility of a higher frequency of online purchases gives great opportunities to choose Germany for expansion abroad.

Further services
Ing. Martina Langová
Back Office Manager
We are very satisfied with the services provided by the company EXPANDECO. Thanks to you, our Polish and Romanian customer service works at 100 %. Girls are kind, helpful and communication with them is smooth.