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Dr. Ladislaus Batthyany Platz 2,
2421 Kittsee, AT

Expandeco offers you a reverse logistics service, you can rent a local address in Austria for a monthly fee, where we will store your undelivered orders and then send them back to your warehouse at the agreed time (optimally once a week).

This will save considerably monthly shipping costs compared to the classic form of claim management through delivery companies, and it will raise more credibility with your local customers in Austria, which is very important because of the Austrian patriotism.

Basic info about e-commerce market

Austria is clearly one of Europe's strongest and most advanced economies and there is also a high technical skill of the population and online shopping is a popular form of buying products. And since Austrians can afford to pay for the goods, the expansion to Austria is definitely the right choice.

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Expandeco helped us to communicate on the Slovak, Czech and Polish online markets. They provide comprehensive customer service, fulfillment, and social networking. We are very satisfied with the approach and cooperation.