Is Slovak version of the e-shop sufficient to expand to the Czech Republic? (Part no.1)

Wednesday, 11 April | 2018

To expand with the Slovak e-shop to the Czech Republic? An absolutely logical step. One day, you will reach your limit in Slovakia. Why should you wait for it, when you can earn more right now? The Czech market is twice bigger, geographically and also culturally close. However, do not estimate preparation. We will show you what all you need in the beginning to have the chance to break through in the Czech Republic.

Buy a domain or make rebranding

The first step is to buy .CZ domain. Would you like to make the equivalent of Slovak version? There is no problem in original name. But what if you own the e-shop with name are likely to be entered. In this moment, it’s good to think about rebranding. While making up the name, check the availability of foreign domains so that you can keep going further in the future.

Great, you have purchased the domain. What about now? Is it enough to simply redirect the Czech domain to the Slovak e-shop? If you expect minimum results from the Czech market, so simply do it! We are kidding, you can do even more. As regards technical solution, good-quality e-commerce systems today offer a variety of language mutations, while all are edited in one administration.

Test your competition at close distance

Despite of twice bigger market, you must count with the multiple competition. Last year in Slovakia acted more than 11 thousand of e-shops. Do you know how big the e-commerce market is in the Czech Republic? Last year this number of e-shops was more than 40 thousand. So what, do you dare on it?

When you enter the foreign market, do not underestimate preparation. Although it’s only the expansion to the Czech Republic. Market analysis will tell you what is your competition, what it sells, which prices it has, and how it communicates with customer, etc.

At the beginning, try to make a few orders from the competition. Subscribe their newsletter and check what they do in social media. We note that checking and analyzing competition does not mean copying. Being original is worth for you not only in the eyes of search engines, but also customers will remember you better.

Communicate with your customers in Czech

At least on the web. No language barrier (Googling words like březen or září do not count) makes the impression that the whole website may be quietly kept in Slovak. The Czechs understand it, right? Here are several reasons why it’s a bad idea.

First of all, the search engines mentioned above. Google or Seznam need for correct indexing the website that is optimized for given market. The second thing is that Czech texts on the Czech domain act more credible than Slovak ones. They subconsciously create a feeling of closeness. Although, do not forget younger generations who do not absolutely understand all words. They are not in contact with Slovak language as much as Slovaks with Czech language.

SEO special thing on the Czech market

Optimize the website so that can be searchable not only by Google, but also by Seznam. The Czech Republic is one of the few countries where Goggle is beaten by another search engine. What is the difference between them? This interview will tell you how search engine works. If you look directly for a SEO expert, we recommend you consultant Pavel Ungr, Jana Kvasnička, or Lukáš Pítra.

In addition to Czech texts, your website will also need a few feedback links from relevant Czech websites and positive reviews directly from Czech customers in next stages. And last but not least, thanks to a place for personal pickup or physical store, you will have the chance to be placed in local results as well. Consider your options from financial point of view.

What next? There is still enough. In the next part of the article, we will tell about options of transport, payment and so on, so you can get a complete picture about what you need for the expansion to the Czech Republic.