How to handle an aggressive and conflicting customer on the phone? 5 tips to save your skin.

Monday, 01. 02. 2016

Satisfied customer is a priority of every trader. We know how to react tothe praise and words of recognition. But what if we come across the opposite extreme? How to "process" an aggressive and conflicting customer who, in addition to complaining, is going to shake the reputation of your business? In this blog we will give you 5 helpful tips to save your skin! :)

Cool head. Decent and peaceful performance.

When the conflicting customer invokes you, you can say how bad it is by the tone of his voice.

The first important rule is keeping a cool head. The worst thing you can do is to succumb to the negative emotions on the other side of the phone. Have a contact with yourself. Recognize and accept the fact that the customer calls stressed and often with feelings of curse, dissatisfaction and anger. The customer is ready to scold everyone around. You  too. Get ready. Do not take it personally!

Quickly get "into the picture!"

Has the customer started bloody bloat before you asked questions such as: "How can I help you?" Or " How can we advise you?" Your only chance is to immediately find out what order it is. For example, use a sentence: "I understand, will I try to help you, would you please tell me the order number?"

Once you have an order opened, you should know the cause of its anger. Is it customers fault? Is there a problem with the currier? Have you neglected anything in your e-shop?

We give you advice – an angry and conflicting customer does not care  whose fault it is. Even if there was a fault on his side, he always mentions  at least 5 reasons why you are wrong. He will not be willing to admit his fault. For the customer, it is important that you already know where the error occurred. At this point, he is expecting answers to questions that usually start with words, why, when ... Give him answers to his questions if he asks. At this point the process of "breaking bread" begins. You either start gradually acquiring the customer, or he or she will get even more mad by your answers. What do you choose?

Do not lie. Admit a mistake. Express your sincere pity. Be human.

If it is in your interest to regain the customer's misguided confidence, your answers require sincerity. Customers do not care about your issues, but from a psychological point of view, your sincerity can ultimately be appreciated.

It is useless to look for excuses or refer to something / someone. At a certain stage of solving this situation, this little lie could overwhelm you and you will not only lose the customer forever but he will share his bad experiences further.

The aggressive customer acts cool and formal. It's perfectly understandable. Worse, however, is the fact that the workers at the customer service act as machines. Top-quality customer service differs you from the average, especially by humanity. Keep it in mind!

Show interest. Immediately start with the solution. Follow the promised terms.

The primary duty of the customer service is to provide the customer with a quick and satisfactory solution. If we accidentally need to get enough information to solve his problem, let him know what is going to happen and when he can expect the situation to be solved. Inform the customer at the time you agreed upon.

If you still have not  solved the problem, keep him informed about your steps. 

Experience has taught us that the customer expects to be informed about the status of his order, especially when it comes to complaints.

The reward is a must.

When dealing with complaints from unsatisfied customers, always try to give your customer only the best image of your business. Make more of the customer's complaint / refund. Consider your options and get  his trust back, for example a discount for next purchase. The customer will appreciate such approach, and you will increase the chance he will return to your e-shop in the future and to make  more money.

BONUS. Apology sent by a post.

If you felt that you had made the customer's satisfaction the most, but still you felt that you were still angry to pull out a fancy trick from your sleeve. Forget the  email or phone. The  apology sent to the customer's address with the proper signature (ideally of the owner, boss ...) leaves a positive impression on everyone.

Perhaps you will get from the originally very conflicting and angry customer such mail as we did some time ago:

"Today, I received a letter from you that surprised me. It's OK, I accept your apology. I'm sorry I exploded."

This is a good excuse for the guy who almost  psychically put down one of our workers, what do you  think? :)