Native translators, SEO experts
High quality and fast delivery of the project
Native translators, SEO experts
High quality and fast delivery of the project

If you plan to expand your business to Hungary, the first step should be to translate your website and offered products or services into the Hungarian language in accordance with search engine optimization in the country, while this translation must also be adapted to local culture and customs.

Expandeco offers you professional translations to and from Hungarian, our native translators will provide you with unmatched translation service regardless of language complexity, project scope or deadline.

What we can provide for you:

  • Translations of web pages into Hungarian
  • Keyword analysis of the Hungarian market
  • Translations of content into Hungarian
  • SEO translations to Hungarian
  • Translations of titles into Hungarian
  • Meta translations into Hungarian
  • Translations of product names and descriptions into Hungarian
  • Translations of advertising materials to Hungarian
  • Translations of advertising articles into Hungarian
  • Translations of PPC campaigns into Hungarian

Why choose Expandeco:

  • Native translators, SEO experts
  • High quality and fast delivery of the project

Basic info about the language

The Hungarian language has a history of several thousand years reaching Asia, Hungarian is included as a Ugric / Urals language. Hungarian is also one of the most difficult languages in the world, with only about 16 million people speaking this language.

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About 4Home
Ing. Kateřina Bílková

Our company used the services of Expandeco to enter the Hungarian market, specifically in the field of translations and logistics of returns.

They always respond quickly and flexibly to our requirements, the quality of translations is really professional. Important is that translators know the specific terminology and local customs in the given country's e-commerce, making our site really professional and, above all, local - a very important factor in the Hungarian market.

Operation of the collection services is also without any problems. This service has solved an important aspect of entering the foreign market.

For 4Home, I can express my utmost satisfaction and recommend