Is Slovak version of the e-shop sufficient to expand to the Czech Republic? (Part no.2)

Monday, 23. 04. 2018

In the first part of the article you had an opportunity to make sure that the Slovak web version is not really enough to succeed in the Czech market. We were analyzing the expansion from the view of competition, branding, communication and website optimization. In this part you will learn the recommendations on another marketing channels and tools. We will also advise you on payments and shipping within the Czech Republic to make easier your release on a new market.

Dominate another marketing channels and tools

A price-comparison portals are favorite among Czech customers. Therefore, it’s logical that those Slovak ones will not be enough for your expansion. The biggest players in the Czech Republic is and Zboží.cz. If you want to advertise your products in a price-comparison portals, we recommend you to use the tool Mergado through which you manage the advertisement without interfering with e-shop administration.

In addition, Mergado is also used for data transfer from to Google Analytics. Sklik is similar to Google AdWords, but for

Another way how to reach customers, or how to get a customer to your e-shop is affiliate marketing. As an advertiser you can use the network of affiliate partners, for example, VIVnetworks or Dognet to increase you sales. Simply said: partners show your banners and you pay them for conversions, or other actions.

When you get the customer to your e-shop and he purchases something, there is a new situation for you – sale in Czech crowns.

Receiving payments in foreign currency

Firstly you will need a bank account in any of Czech banks. In this area we recommend you to try, for example, Fio banka where you pay no fees for transfer of SK and CZ currency, or ČSOB where such fees are quite low. You may find it harder to get used to Czech crowns. At the beginning you will count them as navigation when you turn away of planned route. Find also the Czech accountant, who will explain you the legislation and rules.

What about payment systems? We and our customers have a positive experience with payment gateway Besteron and GoPay where the customer pays by a fast online payment, credit card or an electronic wallet.

Shipping of goods to the Czech customer

Many shipping companies like payment gateways operate in Slovak as well as Czech market. Maybe you already use their services right now for your Slovak e-shop.

Unfortunately, you will not avoid a separate unit and compulsory ride – the Czech mail. Many people still use this way of delivery. You will be glad to hear that their number is continuously decreasing. Better alternative is definitely, for example, delivery points of Zásilkovna. Or you can use courier services, we recommend you PPL or Intime.

Do you want to know more about e-commerce market in the Czech Republic? How the legislation works? To have an opportunity for networking with other entrepreneurs, who act in the Czech Republic? You can become APEK member (Association of E-commerce). This association of entrepreneurs and companies represent Czech e-shops in communication with public service and media. It certificates online stores and organizes various seminars and workshops that support the development of Czech e-commerce.

Anyway, it depends if you have e-shop in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania or in other country. SEO, online ads and other communication channels are necessary for customers to find you. Good user experience of the web is important for purchasing in your e-shop. Skilled employees and reliable business partners will ensure customers to come back and to make your profits higher.

Do you have another questions for the expansion of e-shop to the Czech Republic or other country? Contact us. We will be glad to help you.