How to register a domain in Bulgaria?

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Bulgaria is one of the most promising countries for those who are thinking of expanding abroad. It is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in Europe. Online shopping is very popular in Bulgaria. The number of online purchases is steadily rising, but only 9% of companies registered in Bulgaria sell online, this can be useful mainly for foreign online stores.

Did you know that cyrillic (ie Cyrillic) is used in Bulgaria? However, since February of this year, in Bulgaria they have allowed domain names to be fully registered in cyrillic. The public limited company (PLC) was selected by the Bulgarian state as the new domain administrator, which after long discussions was approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


Until now, the names of the domains that were registered in Cyrillic have always had to write the domain имена.bg in Latin, which was more complicated and lengthy for Bulgarian users, always having to set the keyboard from the cyrillic to the latin and then back again. Overall, it will help registered domains for their better seo optimization for search engines in Bulgaria.


It was very difficult when the Bulgarians had to transcribe the Cyrillic alphabet, because not all the letters in the Cyrillic alphabet have Latin equivalents. One Bulgarian word in Latin could sometimes be written down in five different ways.


To this day, Bulgarians use the "write as you hear" rule, which is very important to them and they keep it strictly in case of transcriptions of foreign words and names.

That is the reason why they appreciate that they can use of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet even in the online sphere.


The registration of your Bulgarian domain both in Latin and in Cyrillic is recommended in every case. Domain registration prices are for the name.BG around 30 € per year and for the Cyrillic име.БГ version it costs approximately 13 € for the whole year.


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