Customer service


One of the first things to solve when starting a business in France is clearly a customer support in French. Our professionally trained team is ready to answer all your customers' questions and solve problems via phone, email or chat.

Thanks to many years of experience in customer support in France, Expandeco can provide you with the highest quality of service provided, our French team is able to handle the French language flawlessly.


  • Telephone communication in French
  • Email communication in French
  • Live chat communication in French
  • Social media communication in French


  • Reduction of expensesYou pay only for real communications with customers.
  • QualityCustomer support is provided by native French speakers.
  • Communications reportA clear report of all communications in a given month.
  • QuicknessResolve customer issues as they occur.
  • Professionalism Many years of customer support services in French language.
  • InnovationsWe keep bringing new services and features to satisfy you and your customers.

Since French is one of the most difficult and unique languages in the world, Expandeco places the greatest emphasis on ensuring that your project in handled only by the professionals whose mother tongue is French.

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Novesta has been using Expandeco for nearly 3 years. We currently serve the entire European market with Expandeco. The cooperation was without any problems so far. We highly appreciate the pro-client approach from Expandeco especially, which is highly appreciated by the customers of our e-shop.