Local telephone number

  • No worries We will handle all registration obligations related to the purchase and lease of a local number.
  • Availability and fast activation You can use your local phone number within 1 hour.
  • No strings attached and no restrictions You can be heard by customers anywhere in Europe for a convenient fixed amount and no hidden fees.

Easy set up

A phone number in the local area code is standard for expansion. 

Quick activation of the service, which you can easily request via our form.

You get a local number automatically as part of our customer support services, but it’s also available as a standalone service with no obligation.

Possibility to connect to your own helpdesk system, or to set up call forwarding to your own number.

Advantages of a local phone number

Increasing satisfaction

We improve the overall customer experience for your business abroad.

Clear conditions

Convenient and fair provision of phone numbers with no hidden charges.

According to needs

Local phone number rental is directly part of our popular customer support service, but it can also be used as a standalone service.

Across Europe

Thanks to a reliable VoIP infrastructure, you will be heard across all European countries.

No call restrictions

The amount of minutes is available to you according to your needs.



We are preparing a practical overview of expansion abroad. If you are interested, we will send the e-book directly to your e-mail inbox after its processing. 

Ondrej Koprda

Ondrej Koprda

Waragod - Owner

Waragod (Armymarket) was able to successfully expand into the Hungarian market thanks to Expandeco's know-how and friendly approach. They helped us with product translations, collection service and local foreign customer support, which provided us with a smooth start into new markets. We plan to use Expandeco services in other countries in the future.

Are you interested in our services?

We are happy to help you successfully expand across borders with our comprehensive services.

Filip Minár
Filip Minár

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