What do you do if your customer support cannot respond satisfyingly to a client's question?

Of course, such situations sometimes happen. It is important to realize that our trained colleagues are only people.

It is not possible to answer 100% of all inquiries right away. If, for example, the customer calls and we cannot give him a satisfying answer, we ask the customer for patience. The customer request (eg the customer requests detailed technical parameters of the product, individual price quotation for larger goods collection, etc.) will be processed and sent immediately to the authorized contact person from the online store. We then contact the customer with a relevant response. From our experience we can confirm that the customers appreciate our openness and at the same time sincere interest and friendly approach. 

We would like to note one more important thing in this matter. Imagine the is a new employee at the work, everything is new to him at the beginning, he gradually becomes acquainted with internal processes, workloads. After a few months, he is a full-fledged team member. If he is really good, you can rely on him on 100% and over time he is able to train new colleagues to the position he started earlier. 

This is how it works at Expandeco, at the beginning of any new cooperation. The longer you work with us, the more our service to you is improved, your trust increases, and our know-how about your products and services increases as well. At the end of the day, your customer benefits the most.