Native translators, SEO experts
High quality and fast delivery of the project
Native translators, SEO experts
High quality and fast delivery of the project

In order to successfully manage the business in Ukraine, you need to have flawless translations of your websites and advertising materials into Ukrainian or Russian. Expandeco offers you professional translations to Ukrainian, our native translators will provide you with unmatched translation service at the lowest prices on the market.

Our fundamental promise is the quality of the translated texts, your project will always be translated by a translator whose mother tongue is Ukrainian and, moreover, quality is always controlled by two translators. We never accept lower standards because we are committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers.

What we can provide for you:

  • Translations of webpages into Ukrainian
  • Keyword analysis of the Ukrainian market
  • Translations of content into Ukrainian
  • SEO translations to Ukrainian
  • Translations of titles into Ukrainian
  • Meta translations into Ukrainian
  • Translations of product names and descriptions into Ukrainian
  • Translations of advertising materials to Ukrainian
  • Translation of advertising articles into Ukrainian
  • Translations of PPC campaigns into Ukrainian

Why choose Expandeco:

  • Native translators, SEO experts
  • High quality and fast delivery of the project

Basic info about the language

Ukrainian is an East Slavic language. It is spoken by more than 47 million people, especially in Ukraine, where it is the official language. The current Ukrainian language is written in Cyrillic and the current orthography was basically settled in the early 20th century.

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Matej Kucko
Founder & CEO
We decided to expand to the foreign through Expandeco and we are very satisfied with their approach. They made for us an introductory market and competition analysis, which helped us to decide whether to expand at all. The communication with them is very fast, the translations are of high quality and their approach is professional, proactive and friendly. We definitely recommend Expandeco to anyone who is considering expansion to the foreign without an in-house team and support in competent language.