Management of returns

  • Make your customers happy Make it easy for your customers to return unwanted goods or resolve a complaint in just a few clicks.
  • Streamline the returns and complaints process Speed up the returns process and take the burden off your customer support with automation.
  • Manage returns in one comprehensive tool Manage the entire returns process in one CRM. By connecting to the Collection Points service, you get all the information you need at the very moment you receive the goods abroad.

Make returns management your competitive advantage

Transform shoppers into loyal customers by creating a positive experience with your e-shop. The online returns form is the fastest and easiest way for goods to travel from the customer to the e-shop. Simplify the complaint or return process for both sides with an easy-to-understand returns management system.

The customer solves their own requirements without the need to contact customer support. After filling in a short online form directly on the website, their request is automatically registered in the system.

In the form, the customer also requests return shipping to the e-shop. Convenient handover in the shop, at the post office or ordering a courier without the need to print labels is a given. The customer or the e-shop pays for the delivery, according to the individual settings.

Both the CRM system environment and the customer return form itself can be customised visually and in terms of content in line with the e-shop's corporate identity and needs.

The CRM system sends notification emails to the customer whenever the order status changes. The e-shop can efficiently manage the individual steps of the entire process and communicate with the customer at every point.

Benefits of returns management

Customer satisfaction

Having a positive experience with the handling of a return or a complaint leads to a high expectation that the customer will purchase from the e-shop again.

A comprehensive tool

All cases managed by the e-shop are in one CRM from the start to resolution, where it is possible to intervene at every stage of the process.

Brand building

Handling the returns and complaints process affects the overall brand perception and reputation in the e-commerce environment.

Faster complaints/returns resolution

A return or complaint can be resolved much quicker than the statutory time limit or standard turnaround time.

Customer awareness

The customer is informed whenever a change occurs in the process through pre-set notifications.

System transparency

The e-shop receives an efficient and user-friendly tool for the administration of returns and claims, which is based on automation.

Customer support made easier

Customer support can attend to individual problems while processes that can be automated are taken over by the system without the need for any additional input.

Efficient communication with the customer

At any point in the return or complaint process, two-way communication can be established, and any additional requirements can be resolved.

Easy implementation

The CRM system for returns management can be easily inserted into the e-shop's interface using a script.

Simplify return shipping

The system notifies the selected courier with a request to send the returned goods back to the e-shop as required.

Environmental responsibility

Paperless and efficient collection points make returns management more environmentally friendly.

Maintaining cashflow

The e-shop has tools (discount or other benefit) to encourage the customer to opt for a refund via voucher instead of a cash return.

Managing returns and complaints


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