Polish e-commerce market has value of 10 billion euros

Thursday, 03. 05. 2018

Now, the value of sales on the Polish Internet is already estimated at the above mentioned amount. But this market will keep growing and given trend could be stopped only by the natural disaster. The Polish people simple fell in love with online shopping - that's a fact. They mostly order clothes, accessories, books, CDs and also movies – this results from the latest survey of the portal Interaktywnie.com

Polish e-commerce market

Not only giants, but also specialized online stores, and even bloggers sell on the Internet. In 2017, 54% of Polish internet users were purchasing online (compared to 50% in 2016) – this results from the survey of "E-commerce in Poland 2017" conducted by Gemius for e-Commerce Poland, which represents about 15 million people.

The strongest factor that encourages online shopping is 24-hour availability (82%). Online shopping is perceived as uncomplicated (41%) and comfortable (44%), but also cheaper (33%) and taking less time (39%) than in classic stores.

Positive change was noticed in case of the weakest online shopping article in the eyes of respondents - perceiving it as a safe way of purchase. In 2016, up to 43% of survey respondents considered online shopping as risky, only 38% of respondents shared this opinion in 2017.

Perspectives for polish e-commerce market

According to the report of the Interaktywnie.com, the perspective of the Polish market for 2018 is very optimistic. Estimated value of the Polish e-commerce market will grow by 23%, in 2018 it will definitely exceed 50 billion PLN and reach 70 billion PLN in 2020!! , which makes a great sense for building online marketing for local and foreign companies.

The increasing number of Internet users, the introduction of a ban on classic shopping on a selected Sunday, investments of brands, omnichannel, advanced programming, artificial intelligence and the popularity of personalized advertising, as well as increasingly frequent use of smartphones in online shopping, are the main factors that will affect the dynamic development of the Polish market.

"The Polish market is certainly challenging, but the fact that local e-commerce is constantly growing, it gives great prospects for the future. We especially recommend to expand to projects that are stabilized, have a vision and expect a much longer return compared to Hungary or Romania" said Expandeco CEO Tomas Vrtik. The right time to expand to Poland! :)