Opening a bank account

Czech republic


For the smooth operation of your business in the Czech Republic, we recommend that you set up a bank account in Czech Crowns as soon as possible. This account will reduce your business expenses for running a business, cash on delivery and simplify return and claim management.

Expandeco will provide you with a complete service that will enable you to open a bank account in the Czech Republic without unnecessary complications and worries.

What we can provide for you:

  • Preparation of documents required by the Czech bank
  • Official translation of these documents
  • Accompanying a client to a Czech bank branch
  • Active participation in case of special requests by the client or bank
  • Informing about the progress of approval

It takes about 1 to 2 weeks for the entire bank account creation process from initial ordering to successful completion.

Basic info about e-commerce market

The popularity of online shopping by Czech customers is growing every year, as evidenced by the number of online stores in this country. High technical maturity, stable economic and financial situation of the inhabitants gives great opportunities for successful expansion into this market.

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About 4Home
Ing. Kateřina Bílková

Our company used the services of Expandeco to enter the Hungarian market, specifically in the field of translations and logistics of returns.

They always respond quickly and flexibly to our requirements, the quality of translations is really professional. Important is that translators know the specific terminology and local customs in the given country's e-commerce, making our site really professional and, above all, local - a very important factor in the Hungarian market.

Operation of the collection services is also without any problems. This service has solved an important aspect of entering the foreign market.

For 4Home, I can express my utmost satisfaction and recommend