Exceptional customer service is the key to ecommerce growth

Wednesday, 31. 10. 2018

Although the Internet has become a place where people can shop comfortably, we often encounter a lack of personal interaction between consumers and companies.

Consumer concern is growing when they encounter problems and cannot easily find an online store representative to talk to, they do not respond to customer complaints or their responses are very slow. However, the response time is crucial because three out of five hesitant customers have not completed their purchases due to poor customer service.

So how to improve customer service and keep the customer loyal as long as possible?

Offer a simple return

Approximately 15% to 30% of online purchases end up with a return, so it is very important to have a simple and easy to understand return policy. Return policy and the necessary steps should be displayed on many pages of your store and in your purchase confirmation emails.

The more pro-customer this consumer policy is, the more likely will the customer buy from you again. About 68% of consumers say they prefer to make another order if they buy from a store with a great return policy.

Make the most of your personalization

Personalization can differentiate your business from your competitors. Statistics show that more than 60% of consumers expect personalization from online businesses. Personalization may include, for example, a custom account that records previous purchases, a cashier information (such as their delivery address), a selection of items similar to previous purchases. And so on.

Personalized emails are another great way of email marketing to get to a more personal level. Great experience and satisfaction with your online store stems from personal recommendation of your customers to their families and friends.

Ask for a feedback

Don't be afraid to ask for a feedback, feedbacks and reviews are very important to every company because they provide invaluable information and allow companies to find out what works and what doesn't. Negative reviews are also an opportunity to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Most customers will not leave feedback or comments unless you ask for them. So send them another email asking them to rate their experience or to write a short review that you can place on your site, or offer them a small discount on future purchases. And of course, don't forget to thank them.

Live Chat with customers

In today's digital world, customers expect immediate answers to their questions. If you can't help them immediately, you risk losing them to the competition. The rate of abandoned shopping cart is about 69%, so it's clear that customers often need help before the order is completed.

Expandeco actively uses Live Chat for its customer support, which is a great solution for immediate customer service and it also promotes sales and improving order completion rates.

Social media communication

Social medias are a place where people meet to talk and share information, so why not to be where your customers are, to deal with any questions or problems they may have, they will allow potential customers to see how your company is able to respond.

A study by Bain & Company states that companies that engage in customer conversations and respond to customer support requirements on social media will eventually gain 20% to 40% more from just those customers.

Quality Service = Sales

Focusing on customer service and delivering the best customer experience brings your business a potential that exceeds your competition. Take a look at the overall experience of buying through the eyes of consumers to make sure it is simple, professional and personalized throughout your site.

As many experienced store owners know when you put your customers first and solve their needs, you are on your way to success.