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Customer support is the gateway to ecommerce success in Ukraine. Don't neglect this part of the business and contact Expandeco, which has been specializing in quality customer support in Ukrainian and Russian for several years.

We put emphasis on professionalism, empathy and individual approach to each and one of your customers so that their satisfaction turns to the long-term favor of your online store in Ukraine.


  • Telephone communication in Ukainian
  • Email communication in Ukainian
  • Live chat communication in Ukainian
  • Communication on social media in Ukainian


  • Reduction of expensesYou pay only for real communications with customers.
  • QualityCustomer support is provided by native Ukrainian speakers.
  • Communications reportA clear report of all communications in a given month.
  • QuicknessResolve customer issues as they occur.
  • Professionalism Many years of customer support services in Russian and Ukrainian.
  • InnovationsWe keep bringing new services and features to satisfy you and your customers.

Ukraine is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, which together with the low competition of online stores and offered products makes this market very interesting for expansion of your business.

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Expandeco helped us to communicate on the Slovak, Czech and Polish online markets. They provide comprehensive customer service, fulfillment, and social networking. We are very satisfied with the approach and cooperation.