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Customer support is the way your eshop can differentiate itself from the competition and even gain customers for life. Leave it to the experts and dominate over the Slovak ecommerce market.

Expandeco puts the highest demands on the quality of customer support provided in Slovak, either in oral or written form. Our team is made up entirely of native customer support specialists who speak flawless Slovak.


  • Telephone communication in Slovak
  • Email communication in Slovak
  • Live chat communication in Slovak
  • Communication on social media in Slovak


  • Reduction of expensesYou pay only for real communications with customers.
  • QualityCustomer support is provided by native Slovak speakers.
  • Communications reportA clear report of all communications in a given month.
  • QuicknessResolve customer issues as they occur.
  • Professionalism Many years of customer support services in Slovak language.
  • InnovationsWe keep bringing new services and features to satisfy you and your customers.

The Slovak language is one of the most difficult languages in the world, so it is an important factor to handle the customer support for your success in business in Slovakia.

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About 4Home
Ing. Kateřina Bílková

Our company used the services of Expandeco to enter the Hungarian market, specifically in the field of translations and logistics of returns.

They always respond quickly and flexibly to our requirements, the quality of translations is really professional. Important is that translators know the specific terminology and local customs in the given country's e-commerce, making our site really professional and, above all, local - a very important factor in the Hungarian market.

Operation of the collection services is also without any problems. This service has solved an important aspect of entering the foreign market.

For 4Home, I can express my utmost satisfaction and recommend