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One of the first things to solve when starting a business in Bulgaria is definitely the Bulgarian customer support. Our trained team is ready to answer all your customers' questions via phone, email or live chat.

Thanks to our long-term experience in customer support in Bulgaria, Expandeco can provide you with the highest quality of service provided, our Bulgarian team handles the Bulgarian language flawlessly in spoken and written form, and we exclusively use the services of native experts born in Bulgaria.


  • Telephone communication in Bulgarian
  • Email communication in Bulgarian
  • Live chat communication in Bulgarian
  • Social media communication in Bulgarian


  • Reduction of expensesYou pay only for real communications with customers.
  • QualityCustomer support is provided by native Bulgarian speakers.
  • Communications reportA clear report of all communications in a given month.
  • QuicknessResolve customer issues as they occur.
  • Professionalism Many years of customer support services in Bulgarian language.
  • InnovationsWe keep bringing new services and features to satisfy you and your customers.

We keep bringing new services and features to the satisfaction of you and your customers. Low competition in ecommerce and products offered in Bulgaria, along with the popularity of online shopping, makes this market one of the countries where it is worthwhile to expand as soon as possible.

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About 4Home
Ing. Kateřina Bílková

Our company used the services of Expandeco to enter the Hungarian market, specifically in the field of translations and logistics of returns.

They always respond quickly and flexibly to our requirements, the quality of translations is really professional. Important is that translators know the specific terminology and local customs in the given country's e-commerce, making our site really professional and, above all, local - a very important factor in the Hungarian market.

Operation of the collection services is also without any problems. This service has solved an important aspect of entering the foreign market.

For 4Home, I can express my utmost satisfaction and recommend