Collection point


Shopsupport s.r.o, Str. Nicolae Balcescu, nr. 104,
315500, Nădlac jud. Arad

Expandeco offers you a service to deliver shipments from Romania, which will save you considerable financial expenses in your online business, and you will look like a local company in Romania, which, together with our other services, will increase the credibility in the eyes of Romanian customers.

We will receive, register, process, store and, if necessary, repack your orders at this collection point and send them back to your address.

Basic info about e-commerce market

Romania is literally a dream country for all those who are thinking about expanding abroad. It is one of the fastest growing e-commerce market in Europe. Romanians are very fond of online shopping, the number of online purchases is constantly increasing, but the quality of online stores is still not great.

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Expandeco helped us to communicate on the Slovak, Czech and Polish online markets. They provide comprehensive customer service, fulfillment, and social networking. We are very satisfied with the approach and cooperation.