Collection point


Petra Ptackova, MARKMANDSGADE 4,,
2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

Expandeco offers a reverse logistics service from Denmark, which is a great choice if you plan to do business in this country. We offer you to rent a local address in Denmark to deliver your orders, where they will be stored and sent back to your address at the agreed time. You can use this service to pick up shipments from all over Scandinavia - from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Saved logistics expenses for undelivered orders or complaints are significant, and the bonus is a greater credibility for Scandinavian customers, as these customers prefer to buy from local online stores. Thanks to the collection point in Denmark, you will be more than a local company in Scandinavia.

Basic info about e-commerce market

The popularity of online shopping in Scandinavia is growing year after year, with an average of 73% of Scandinavians buying online, in Sweden the most. Technical skill is high, all marketing channels are recommended to increase sales. Also, the amount of online purchase per customer is high in this region.
Mgr. Igor Plavka
Expandeco is not only a service and complete customer service in the foreign. In the Expandeco we found helpfulness, they prepared for us translations, they helped us to register into a price-comparison portales and they completely provide us with the communication or delivery points in several EU countries.