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How to handle General terms and conditions and consumer protection in Hungary?

Wednesday, 29 March | 2017 |

If you have decided to hane an online shop in Hungary, you need to resolve the development of terms and conditions and handle the personal details of clients correctly. There are 2 ways to do this and both are right.

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Do you plan to have an online shop in Romania? You will need this info.

Thursday, 02 March | 2017 |

Dear business owners, we are pleased to inform that since 1.3.2017, our company Expandeco will be able to fully assist you in expanding to the Romanian e-commerce market. On this occasion, we have prepared an article for you to provide a basic overview of e-commerce in Romania.

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Price-comparison portals in Hungary

Tuesday, 05 April | 2016 |

Do you have an online store and you are considering to expand to the Hungarian market? The Hungarian online market is still under development compared to the Czech-Slovak markets. How are the Hungarian price-comparison portals? Which of them are interesting?

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3 simple tips on how to reduce costs in e-shop

Sunday, 14 February | 2016 |

10 years ago, there were relatively few e-shops in Slovakia that competed with each other. Simply put, for e-shop to be profitable, it was often enough to have an interesting product and a few hundred euros a month invested in AdWords and Facebook. Times have changed, however, the market is high competition, working with minimal margins and achieving an interesting profit is very demanding for everyone. How do e-shops keep their business profitable? Every day we communicate with a lot of e-shops. Let us argue that in most Slovak e-shops there is at least one process that is inefficient and would need to be rectified. In this blog, we'll provide you with 3 practical tips that can help you save on running costs and streamline processes.

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