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TOP 10: The best price comparisons in Poland

Tuesday, 22 May | 2018 |

More and more Polish buy online and if they want to check the price of the product in one place, the price comparators in Poland are an ideal option to do so. We have prepared an article about the Top 10 Polish Price Comparators.

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Polish e-commerce market has value of 10 billion euros

Thursday, 03 May | 2018 |

Now, the value of sales on the Polish Internet is already estimated at the above mentioned amount. But this market will keep growing and given trend could be stopped only by the natural disaster. The Polish people simple fell in love with online shopping - that's a fact. They mostly order clothes, accessories, books, CDs and also movies – this results from the latest survey of the portal Interaktywnie.com

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Have you decided to expand to Poland? One of the things you'll need is to set up a bank account in Poland. Let's together look how to do it.

Tuesday, 11 July | 2017 |

The Polish market is very close to Slovaks, and we are also very close to the minds of Polish customers. In terms of expansion, Poland is a clear and direct direction for us.

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