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7 mistakes made by online store owners in SEO

Tuesday, 02 October | 2018 |

In order for search engine optimization to be successful in online stores, here are 7 mistakes to avoid which can reduce the effectiveness of your SEO.

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Marketing tools not only for expansion

Tuesday, 25 September | 2018 |

We have gathered a list of some useful tools that we use at Expandeco and which will certainly make your work easier.

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5 key areas for successful business in CEE

Wednesday, 12 September | 2018 |

We've gathered for you knowledge from 5 CEE countries to help you succeed in this ecommerce region.

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How to choose the right domain name? We've consulted this with experts from Webglobe - Yegon

Tuesday, 07 August | 2018 |

Many customers ask us about the domain name for their online shop. Whether it's a brand new name or for a new market. Some people initially think of a multilingual or English name. We have discussed this matter with Webglobe-Yegon - hosting and domain experts.

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