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Exclusive distribution of goods in the EU

Wednesday, 25 July | 2018 |

In the new article, we will bring you closer to our experiences from a few cases we have encountered during our practice when selling goods to consumers.

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The obligation to register to pay VAT in another Member State

Tuesday, 15 May | 2018 |

Exporting online stores often ask us if they are required to establish a local companies in certain states if expanding the online store to the foreign, what is actually the obligation to register to pay VAT in the foreign and so on. Therefore we decided to write an article that clarifies this topic. Let’s do it in order.

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How to handle General terms and conditions and consumer protection in Hungary?

Wednesday, 29 March | 2017 |

If you have decided to hane an online shop in Hungary, you need to resolve the development of terms and conditions and handle the personal details of clients correctly. There are 2 ways to do this and both are right.

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