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Logistics & delivery in DACH region

Friday, 22 November | 2019 |

It is not surprising for anyone that the rapid growth of e-commerce affects logistics. This is a fertile ground for online business and both sectors have an impact on each other. Simply said, efficient logistics and infrastructure are key factors regarding the success of online sales and delivery of purchased goods in each country, meaning they need to be constantly innovated. This is the only way to meet the changing needs of e-commerce business and its customers. And it seems that the countries of the DACH region have understood this excellently.

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Ecommerce in Germany, Part 2

Wednesday, 20 March | 2019 |

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Ecommerce in Germany, Part 1

Thursday, 14 March | 2019 |

As an economic power shouse in Europe, Germany is an influential country with a successful online retail market. It boasts with the world's sixth largest e-commerce market, the third in Europe behind the UK and France.

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