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Exceptional customer service is the key to ecommerce growth

Wednesday, 31 October | 2018 |

Although the Internet has become a place where people can shop comfortably, we often encounter a lack of personal interaction between consumers and companies.

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The work of customer service center operator strains the vocal cords

Tuesday, 27 June | 2017 |

With us at Expandeco our nice and clever customer service operator deal with a few dozen phone calls a day. It definitely strains not only the brain but also the vocal cords. A similar situation might be found in your e-shop. Here are some tips on how to get rid of this unpleasant illness.

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Live Chat - A great marketing tool for your customer service

Sunday, 07 May | 2017 |

Feedback is simply the basis of survival, not just in your ordinary life but also in your business, not to mention if you are doing business in customer service.

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3 tips for better online communication.

Monday, 08 February | 2016 |

Customer service is without a debate a prerequisite for success for all who work in e-commerce.

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